Phoenix Non Woven
GmbH & Co. KG
Adolf-Scheufelen-Str 33
73252 Lenningen

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Experts in wet-laid nonwoven.

Development and production

NonWoven365 develops result-oriented development and innovation concepts and executes them until the product is successfully ready for the market.

Project support

NonWoven365 accompanies your project in a supporting capacity or as a fully committed project partner from the initial idea, through process development, to the marketing of the results and products.

Contract manufacturing

On-time production according to your requirements at the highest technical level. NonWoven 365 offers a wide range of quickly producible nonwovens so that your production does not come to a standstill.

NonWoven365 develops and produces functional materials for high-tech applications based on nonwovens and papers. We combine decades of experience in traditional paper manufacturing with entrepreneurial spirit and new application areas in a technology StartUp.

A world without nonwovens would be almost inconceivable today.

Due to the almost innumerable possible applications in a wide variety of industries, nonwovens have an almost invisible influence on our daily lives. Whether in the automotive industry or energy storage technology, in the construction or medical industry; Nonwovens offer perfect specialization for the required application area. The possibility of combining different types of fibers, controlling fine structures, as well as recycling recycled materials, makes nonwovens the fabrics of the future.


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