Phoenix Non Woven
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73252 Lenningen

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We develop and manufacture functional materials for new fields of applications based on wet-laid nonwoven and paper technology.

Hydrogen Technology

Hydrogen (H2) is the fuel of our future for many reasons. Water electrolysis plays a crucial role in the production of hydrogen from renewable electrical energy. NonWoven365 developed functionalized nonwovens as basis for superior electrode materials which impress by low manufacturing costs and boosted efficiency.

Our vision is to contribute to the energy transition and global green deal by new intelligent material solutions.

Energy Storage

Renewable energy storage and sector coupling are the key to successfully achieve global energy transition. NonWoven365 offers a solution for electrodes in Redox-Flow-Batteries, 100 % based on highly scalable paper technology. The nonwoven’s structure is tailored to the corresponding electrolyte flow concept to maximize performance.

Our proprietary nonwoven and paper processes and resulting material solutions are proven to increase the performance and efficiency.


Using high-performance fibers, special recipes and processes, nonwoven and paper can fulfill highest requirements. Be it high-temperature composite materials for automotive, aviation or insulation and sealing applications. Nonwoven and paper can do the job.


We are an innovative technology company, founded in 2020, based on more than 150 years of experience in innovation and production of high-quality specialty papers, Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH & Co. KG.

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