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Functional specialty nonwovens for demanding high-performance solutions

Carbon / graphite fiber

Due to its excellent electrical properties and structural capabilities, carbon is indispensable in modern energy storage technologies. At NonWoven365, we master the handling of carbon and graphite and produce tailored materials with a broad range of variations.

Ceramic / mineral fiber

Many high-performance applications such as HT-fuel cells, HT-electrolysis, burners or protective materials require advanced materials that can withstand extreme conditions. NonWoven365 manufactures special ceramics and mineral fiber nonwovens and paper which are stable and impact-resistant up to 1400 ¬įC.

Metal fiber

Precious metals are known to exhibit catalytic functions ‚Äďessential in reactions like the cleavage of water into H2 and O2, called electrolysis. We own exclusive IP on smart and thin solutions based on nonwoven and paper for these markets.

The core principle 

In nonwoven production, a general distinction is made between aerodynamically, hydrodynamically and mechanically formed nonwovens.
NonWoven365's expertise here lies in wetlaid technology (hydrodynamic web formation), which is closely related to paper production in its core principle. Our production plant is a closed system, where we carefully handle and recycle resources.

Always in circulation 

Our hydrodynamically formed wetlaid nonwovens consist of up to 20 mm long staple fibers or fluff fabric, which are suspended in water and deposited on inclined, continuous screens and later fixed. The water is collected, filtered and returned to the process. This closes a cycle and resources can be reused to the maximum.

Our core competence 

Technologies, equipment and processes developed in-house enable us to control the properties of the nonwoven. Starting with the microscopic molecular structure, and according your specific needs, we develop tailor-made products with any special functionality and quality that is required. Our specialty is the processing of high-performance fibers, from carbon and glass to ceramic fiber materials, but also organic and synthetic fibers such as polyester and aramids. We also place a special focus on the development of applications based on residual and recycled materials.

Crossover Technology & Open Innovation

We at NonWoven365 strongly believe that important innovations are a results of the combination of different technology fields, ideas and expertise that are not necessarily connected to each other at first sight. 

Therefore, we develop strategic partnerships with international technology groups but also non-specialist innovative individuals to discover new technology areas.

We are currently expanding our expertise in functionalizing of fine paper and nonwoven by special coating technologies (PVD / CVD / PECVD). By this, we are able to incorporate and combine different desired functions and open up new functional possibilities. Our coating technologies are characterized by absolute uniformity down to every fiber, adhesion and robustness.

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Nonwovens combine maximum utility with almost unlimited possibilities