Phoenix Non Woven
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Development and production

Innovation is Key

Our specialty is the processing of high-performance fibers, from carbon, glass and mineral fibers to ceramic fiber materials, but also organic and synthetic fibers such as polyester and aramids. We also place a special focus on the development of applications based on residual and recycled materials.

Selection of materials




Experience is our specialty

Often there is a lack of the exact right product to complete a project. Our many years of expertise in specialty nonwovens guarantees you a high-end product to your specifications.

Scalable according to your needs

NonWoven365 specializes in developing and producing specialty nonwovens for niche applications. The fast retooling and expandability of the modular machine and plant park guarantees us extremely flexible production in accordance to the highest safety and quality standards.

Fine adjustable down to the last fiber

nonwoven- (wet-laid) systems in laboratory, pilot and production scale, form the core of our instrumentation. Diverse inline finishing and modification options for adjusting surface, porosity and functionality create additional added value. Diverse in-house analytical capabilities and close cooperation with reliable external partners accelerate every development phase.

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